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Success Rates

Overall achievement for apprenticeships consistently exceed national rates. For 2016/17 the overall completion achievement rate was 94% and of those completions, we recorded 97.3% gaining employment and 2.7% going on to further education/training.

The PROSPECT/Traineeship programme provides work experience in real working environments to the unemployed age 16+ plus. The programme has provided placements for over 300 volunteers. On average, of those who have successfully completed the training programme, 85% have gone on to gain employment.

Learner Feedback

“I have told my friend and she has applied and is also very interested i feel that not enough people know about the amazing prospects which you offer.”

“I felt from day one, that something was going to happen, it is told that there are no guarantees of employment but opportunities could arise, with the help of all the team this was successful, I wish to thank everyone of them and their support.”

“I really couldn't of asked for a better team. They helped me with absolutely everything and nothing was ever too much .They made my experience on the programme fun and enjoyable whilst still being Educational.”

“I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the support team behind the Prospect programme who do a fantastic job in helping with any issue, no matter how large or small.

I learned innumerable vital and important new skills during my time spent as a Prospect. I was then able to practically apply this new skill base when seeking employment and have been fortunate enough to secure a role within the South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

I am proud to recommend this programme to anyone I encounter who may be struggling to find employment or who wishes to extend their knowledge and skill base, the ultimate aim being to prosper and advance through hard work and determination.”

"My training advisor has been very supportive throughout the course, has always been available for advice and guidance; I feel very fortunate... Thanks for all your help!" -QCF Learner, May 2015

"I really enjoyed my course, I was struggling, but my assessor helped me loads" -QCF Learner, May 2015

"Thoroughly enjoyed my level 2 apprenticeship, definitely recommend" -Apprentice, March 2015.

"Enjoyable and informative, excellent tutor" -QCF Learner, March 2015.

What the Managers say

Feedback from managers consistently highlights noticeable improvements in individual apprentices since the commencement of training including strengthened confidence, competency, communication and team playing skills.

One hundred percent of apprentice managers responding to surveys since July 2014 state that patients and collegues in the workplace benefit from the increase in skills and knowledge apprentices gain during the programme. 

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