Who Cares Wins Interactive Online Game


A collaboration between South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Focus Games.

An innovative, interactive digital board game designed to highlight and address key patient care issues has been launched to support nursing staff.

Who Cares Wins is a game-based online study and revision aid that has been developed by Focus Games in partnership with South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria (AHSN NENC).

The original idea for the game came from a team of nurses at the Trust which resulted in the development of a physical board game. The concept has now been taken one step further to meet the demands of the digital age with the creation of an online game that can be played remotely via popular video meeting platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Teams.

Who Cares Wins was created with the aim of engaging nursing staff to keep up with current practice in a fun and interactive way. The online game has been developed to help recreate the energy and discussions generated by face-to-face teaching or training. 

Teams take turns to answer questions from a wide range of subjects to test and consolidate their knowledge. Topics cover all aspects of patient care from admission to discharge, including infection control, dementia, falls prevention, deteriorating patient, patient experience, end-of-life care, discharge, learning disability, risk management, and compassion in care.

Who Cares Wins works through a website, called ZeST, and is easy to manage. The facilitator shares their screen with the group, exactly like presenting slides. The game manages itself meaning the facilitator can concentrate on encouraging and supporting group discussions.

The game is available to buy with a free one-month trial of the game available when registered  through the ZeST website: www.ZestFocus.com 

More information can be found here at Focus Games.