Undergraduate Education

The undergraduate department has increased in size over recent years as the number of medical students on placement at the trust has increased.

Under Graduate Teaching

We are responsible for the teaching of students from the medical school at Newcastle University. Most of the students are in their final three years and spend time at the STRIVE Academic Centre and on the wards.

Undergraduate medical education takes place across both The James Cook University Hospital and the Friarage Hospital in the Trust. Students are placed in almost every department at different times of the year and therefore patients may see students if you attend clinics, are admitted to hospital or come to A&E.

Of course patients do not have to see any student if you do not wish to do so. We greatly appreciate the help of patients and staff who help with the students teaching programme.

The Northallerton facilities are shared with the postgraduate department which provides facilities for teaching and training and educational resources for all grades of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

At The James Cook University Hospital, the undergraduate department is situated on the ground floor of the STRIVE Academic Centre. The facilities include seminar rooms, common room, clinical skills lab, simulator rooms, flexible and fixed bay teaching areas and are supported by audio-visual equipment/video conferencing.