The Foundation Programme at South Tees

The foundation programme faculty here at South Tees have a wealth of experience and skills to provide the teaching, training and educational support needed throughout your foundation programme and guide you on how to complete your ePortfolio of evidence.

The foundation programme faculty:

  • Dr David McIntosh, foundation programme tutor
  • Mrs Angela Burton, foundation programme lecturer
  • Mr Paul Clarke, foundation programme lecturer

The foundation programme (FP) is a two year generic training programme which bridges the gap between medical school and specialty/general practice training.

FP is UK wide with a national FP curriculum with specific competences and outcomes to achieve and evidence in an electronic learning portfolio (ePortfolio).

During the Foundation Programme here at South Tees, FP doctors have the opportunity to gain experience in a series of placements in a variety of specialties and healthcare settings and all placements have educational approval from the Health Education North East (HENE) Northern Foundation School (NFS).

There is a specific curriculum based generic and clinical skills training programme and designated protected time to attend a full day each month. In addition there are other educational teaching and training sessions within each clinical placement and the academic centre to meet the requirements of the FP curriculum.

Foundation Year 1 (F1)

Foundation year 1 (F1) enables medical graduates to consolidate the skills they have learned at medical school and begin to take supervised responsibility for patient care. Satisfactory completion of F1 enables full registration with the GMC.

Foundation Year 2 (F2)

Foundation year 2 (F2) doctors remain under clinical supervision while making progress towards independent practice. Satisfactory completion of F2 will lead to the award of a foundation achievement of competence document (FACD) which enables the foundation doctor to progress to a core, specialty or general practice training programme.

Introduction to ePortfolio

We would like to highlight a Foundation ePortfolio video initiated by South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and jointly funded and supported by the Northern Foundation School.

The aim is to enthuse “realistically” 5th year medical students and new F1doctors in the use of the Foundation ePortfolio, by reflecting honest and positive opinions of eportfolio and its versatility of purpose from current users (F1/F2 doctors, Educational/Clinical Supervisors and ARCP Panellists). The video consists of a series of mini interviews with current users based on

i) What they value about ePortfolio and completing the forms,

ii) Their thoughts on eportfolio as a “tick box” exercise

iii) The sharing of their suggestions for first time users.

The video has been divided into part one, two and three which correspond to each of the three themes above and we would suggest you watch each section consecutively on first viewing (20 minutes in total).

In addition there is an accompanying PowerPoint Presentation “Introduction to FP ePortfolio” which is available from this webpage and gives further detail of roles, explanation of terminology and useful websites to access for first time users.

Although this video is not an expert production we hope you find the messages useful and value the perspectives given by the experienced users.

Part 1 Introduction to the Foundation Programme ePortfolio

Part 2 Introduction to the Foundation Programme ePortfolio

Part 3 Introduction to the Foundation Programme ePortfolio

Introduction to FP ePortfolio presentation

Introduction-to-the-FP-ePortfolio.pdf (665.1 KiB)