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Friarage hospital Northallerton

Friarage Hospital Northallerton. Although the Friarage Hospital is a much smaller hospital than The James Cook University Hospital, the South tees institute of learning, research and innovation is very active and provides facilities for teaching and training and educational resources for all grades of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. We have a busy schedule of lectures with both in-house and invited speakers, regular teaching and training sessions particularly for junior doctors to ensure that all educational objectives are met. We have a structured approach to appraisal and assessment, which is co-ordinated by the postgraduate services department. There is a mentoring and support network available.

Teaching opportunities

There is an active teaching programme in most departments and in addition dedicated teaching sessions are held on a weekly basis. The sessions are drawn up to cover essential topics, which are relevant to the various levels of doctors.

Study leave and training

Time off for study and training will be granted in accordance with the Trust Policy. There is a good MRCP postgraduate teaching course. There are weekly lunchtime departmental meetings organised by the clinical departments. Within the Friarage Hospital Academic Centre there are regular lectures and symposia by local and outside specialists which staff are encouraged to attend.

In addition to the ongoing educational activities e.g. x-ray conferences, multidisciplinary team meetings, departmental clinical meetings, journals club.  

Hospital Accommodation

Accommodation is available on both sites in the form of single or family rooms.  There are seventeen rooms for doctors, which are all en-suite and complete with crockery and bed linen.

There are three kitchens one consists of a dining area. There is central heating and double-glazing to some rooms. A TV lounge with satellite TV and computer and pool room is also available. There is a laundry room.

Access to residences is by ID card and parking is free.

All accommodation must be applied for in advance with application forms available from the respective medical personnel departments. Provision of single rooms for guests, course attendees, exam candidates and clinical attachments is strictly limited.