Jul 2019 18

Safeguarding Children Level 3/3+ Initial Training

Event Spaces Remaining: 20/20
Booking Closing Date: Tuesday December 04th 2018

From 1st March 2019 level 3/3+ initial is no longer delivered as a full day session.

Level 3/3+ initial competency is achieved by completion of each of the following elements:

1) Attend a level 2 Safeguarding Children delivered session- available sessions are bookable at: https://www.southteeslri.co.uk/safeguarding-children-level-1-2

2) Attend a Prevent WRAP session - Available sessions are bookable at: https://www.southteeslri.co.uk/prevent-training

3) Complete self-directed safeguarding children learning:

    • 3 hours (level 3 staff)
    • 11 hours (level 3+ staff)
    • Guidance on accepted learning and a resource list is provided on the Safeguarding Children intanet page

Completion of Initial training must be evidenced by the return of the relevant level of 'Initial Safeguarding Children self-certificate' to the Safeguarding Children Team within 8 weeks of commencing in post.

Certificates, reource lists and guidance is avaialbe on the Safeguarding Children intranet page: http://stas16/intranet/services-a-z/safeguarding/safeguarding-children/training-requirements/ or staff may contact the Safeguarding Team by email: safeguardingchildren.stees@nhs.net