Sep 2017 15

Trust builds on research success after securing €1.6 million for pioneering clinical trial


Clinicians at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust continue to build on their successful record for patient-centred research, development and innovation by leading a pioneering trial which could, ultimately, be used as a first line to detect osteoporosis.

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Apr 2017 06

Ken's Story


When self-employed roofer and proud grandad Ken Bashford received an email from Prostate Cancer UK inviting him to take part in local celebrity Jeff Stelling’s latest marathon effort to fight the disease, he was “over the moon”.

It was a much-welcomed high point in what has been a rollercoaster ride for the 60-year-old, from Marske, since being diagnosed with prostate cancer himself following a simple blood test in May 2015...

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Aug 2016 09

STEES highest recruiter for SHAPE trial.


South Tees managed to achieve the highest recruitment for the SHAPE trial in the UK. What a great achievement for the Cancer research team!

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Jul 2016 21

Prioritising Recruitment in Randomised Trials Survey.


PRIORITY Prioritising Recruitment in Randomised Trials Survey.

If you fall into any of the following groups:

  • Members of the public who have been approached to take part in a randomised trial by a health professional or researcher
  • Members of the public who have taken part in randomised Trial Steering Committees
  • Health professionals and research staff who have ever been involved in helping people to join randomised trials
  • People who have designed, conducted, analysed or reported on randomised trials
  • Anyone with experience of how trials are done.

We would like to invite you to get involved in a priority setting exercise bringing together people across Ireland and the UK who are involved in the design or conduct of randomised controlled trials, or who have been invited to take part in one.

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Jun 2016 03

First James Cook patient joins global lung cancer trial


Just weeks after being diagnosed with lung cancer Kathleen Gilligan has become the first patient at The James Cook University Hospital to take part in a new international clinical trial that may prove to be practice changing.

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