It is vital that everyone completes this short eLearning course before the Clinismart installation.

To view the course, simply follow the link below:

1. Enter User name and password login details: each department has its own username and password which can be found in the PDF file at the bottom of the page.

2. Once you have logged in, select the Clinismart course by click ‘launch course’. Please note that the Sharpsmart course is also available via this portal.

3. You will find a list of 6 lessons – please be aware that it may say these lessons have been completed and passed. This is because we have a group login. Everyone needs to complete each lesson in full; you will be asked 2 assessment questions at the end of each one.

4. Once all 6 lessons have been completed then please either:

 - Email your department manager, and to confirm you have completed them all.

 - Print out the certificate at the end of the course, name and date it then pass to your department manager

   ( a record will then be kept in the competency development file each department will have).

If you enter the course and are given the option to start where you left off, please click ‘NO’. This will take you to the beginning of the lesson.


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