Use of Attend Anywhere during COVID-19 pandemic - A Case Study

by Sharon Brown

Use of Attend Anywhere - A Case Study

A new case study is available for work understaken by the Medical Psychology Department at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust who provide psychological assessment and treatment services to individuals, struggling psychologically as a result of a physical health diagnosis. The COVID-19 Pandemic, saw the necessity to move from face to face to digital and telephone therapeutic support and the Trust utilised a free licence provided by NHS England for Attend Anywhere.


Attend Anywhere is online software used within the health sector which facilitates video call appointments between clinicians and their patients.


From March – July 2020, the Department divided to provide Staff Support and Direct Therapy Provision, and alternative models of service provision were promptly developed.


The Therapy Coordinators Team attended training for Attend Anywhere and patients were offered virtual or telephone appointments and inpatients were also offered the service where appropriate.


From July 2020, staff returned to their original roles, providing psychological formulation and therapy for individuals struggling psychologically as a result of their physical health diagnosis. This continued primarily via Attend Anywhere and telephone, from December 2020, staff combined this with providing at least 30% of their time to staff support. 

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