nebigrip - an innovative nebuliser mount helping children with cystic fibrosis


A collaboration with South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Niche Medical distributed by Medscope.

The nebigrip nebuliser mount is built to work perfectly with the PARI eFlow® nebuliser and is now available to buy via Medscope.

The idea for nebigrip came from an unmet need advised by a paediatric physiotherapist in the cystic fibrosis team and was developed by staff in the Medical Physics department at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  The Trust teamed up with medical product specialist, Niche Medical Ltd, who were able to turn the innovation into production.

The nebigrip handle clips on to the nebuliser handset without changing how it works and is specially designed to enable easier self-administration of medication for young children with minimal adult supervision.

The device has been designed to be lightweight and ergonomic to be easily held in one hand, leaving the other free for activities. It can also beasily attached and removed.

Nebulisers change liquid medication into a mist so they can be breathed into the lungs and are used by people with cystic fibrosis to help control their symptoms.

The Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria (AHSN NENC) have supported the commercialisation of the innovative nebuliser handle that makes it easier for children with cystic fibrosis to administer their medicationand have been working closely with the team behind nebigrip providing advice during the development of the transformative device. This has included guidance on intellectual property, funding, commercialisation, marketing and communications and other elements of the innovation pathway.

Product Overview 

The nebigrip can be purchased here.