Managing Difficult Conversations

What conversations do you find difficult? This answer might be different for each of us, but we’ve all experienced difficult conversations. So what is a difficult conversation? If it’s challenging for at least one of the people involved, then it’s difficult. Some difficult conversations are planned, we know they’re coming, but others are spontaneous and catch up by surprise. Sometimes you might be in initiator of a difficult conversation delivering bad news or confronting someone about a problem. Most of us will have been on the receiving end of a difficult conversation too.

Managing Difficult Conversations Effectively

Explore how to maximise your ability to handle difficult conversations effectively and steer it to a successful conclusion acceptable to all involved.

Aug 2019 07

Managing Difficult Conversations and Situations (L&M Masterclass) Wednesday 7th August 2019

Event Spaces Remaining: 15/30
Booking Closing Date: Tuesday August 06th 2019