What information, advice and guidance can I expect from the programme?

We offer information, advice and guidance from the moment you enquire about our programmes to moving into a permanent job role on completion of your programme. Below are some examples of the information, advice, guidance and support we offer.

Advert - when the advert is live on NHS jobs it provides information regarding the role of an apprentice within the trust, what skills, qualifications and experience we are looking for and next steps.

Interview – when you attend the interview for the apprenticeship programme you are provided with information on a range of different aspects such as duration of the apprenticeship and the commitment involved. At interview there is also an opportunity for you to ask the interviewer about the apprenticeship programme. If the apprenticeship programme is unsuitable then the interviewer will be able to signpost you to other programmes we have here at the trust or other opportunities for you outside of the trust. At interview we will also ask you if you have any additional support needs so we can make arrangements for when you start.

Initial assessments (skills assessments) – if you are successful at the apprentice interview you will be invited in for an initial assessment in maths and english. This will help the assessors to assess the support you require with regards to maths and english.

IAG (information advice & guidance) – when you have been successfully recruited into a role within the trust you will be allocated an assessor. This assessor will arrange a sign up and complete an IAG. An IAG is the chance for the assessor to determine what units would best suit you and the plans you have for your future progression. At sign up we will also discuss any support needs with your manager.

Induction- at the apprenticeship induction as well as covering a range of topics including health and safety, e-safety etc. a training advisor will also provide you with information on the apprenticeship programme and will be able to answer any queries you may have.

Reviews and assessment visits - when you are on programme the assessor will arrange these over the course of the apprenticeship. During the review / assessment visit the assessor will ensure everything is going well in the department you are working in and on the training days. We will also work closely with all parties to ensure you are safe and your goals and expectations are met.

Training days –when you attend the apprenticeship training days, once every two weeks which are incorporated into your working hours, you also have an opportunity to speak to training advisors and your peers to access support.