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The NHS is currently facing a range of challenges. Demand for healthcare is increasing and the need to maximise our resources has never been greater. To help sustain the healthcare system, the NHS needs to challenge its approach to healthcare delivery. This creates an environment for healthcare innovation in which we can generate new ways of working, thinking and engaging with healthcare to produce potentially transformative products and services for the benefit of our patients.

Healthcare innovation incorporates a range of activities all stemming from an idea of how to do things better. South Tees is committed to supporting innovators across the innovation pathway no matter what their background.  We want to help people realise the full potential of their ideas so that our patients can benefit from their knowledge and enthusiasm and provide support to trial products within the Trust.

Innovation in the NHS can be defined as:

"An idea or product new to the NHS or applied in a way that is new to the NHS, which significantly improves the quality of health and care wherever it is applied."

Innovation, Health and Wealth. Accelerating Adoption and Diffusion in the NHS.(2011)

Innovation has a vital role to play by improving the quality of patient care and productivity and is important to the NHS, for three reasons:

  • Innovation transforms patient outcomes.
  • Innovation can simultaneously improve quality and productivity.
  • Innovation is good for economic growth.

We want our staff to be creative and feel encouraged and supported to do this, either with the development of a product, a process or the identification of an unmet need.  These ideas may develop due to a variety of reasons such as a piece of research, prompted because of your role, awareness of an unmet need or identified a way in which services could be improved for our patients. Whatever the reason; by seeking support from within the organisation you can get the help you need to move it forward, which ultimately helps to make the whole process easier. 

We are also keen to support staff who wish to adopt market ready innovations they may have identified and we can provide support to trial products within the Trust.  We also encourage participation in products which industry are developing and wish to engage with the NHS for clinical expertise.

If you are interested in any of the aspects of innovation mentioned, please contact Innovation at