Unmet Needs. Help wanted?!

Do you have an unmet need in your area?  Or maybe you could help with the unmet needs of others.

At Innovation we appreciate staff taking the time sharing ideas with us, however sometimes staff are aware of a problem or unmet need but are not sure how, or if, it can be solved. Innovation can help.

Below is a link to our triage tool which is a simple form and will help staff think through the problem they have identified. We have developed it to guide staff thought processes.

If you have an unmet need then complete the triage tool and this will be reviewed by Innovation which may lead to a meeting or further conversation.

But others may be able to give a different perspective of an unmet need.  They may know of, or even come up with, a solution for the unmet need. To help, where an unmet need or a gap has been identified in current health and care and you think you may be able to help and you work for South Tees, then we would be delighted to hear from you.  Email stees.ideas@nhs.net and we will add you to our email distribution list.