Evidence Based Practice

Information resources such as Medline, CINAHL and the Cochrane library may be found on the databases/journals page of NICE Evidence services site.

The NICE Evidence Services site also features a “Google-like” search engine to help you find medical information from reputable sources and is an easy way to find guidelines/pathways or to focus on particular types of information.

CKS (clinical knowledge summaries) – is a reliable source of evidence-based information and practical ‘know how’ about the common conditions managed in primary care. CKS is an excellent resource for healthcare professionals working in general practice and first-contact care. It provides information on diagnosis, management, prescribing information and patient information leaflets.


Other Useful Resources

Behind the Headlines – a very useful resource for “de-bunking” the headlines. Links to original reports and newspaper articles.

The CASP website can be found here. It includes details of EBP training courses available and also provides useful checklists that can be used when appraising different types of articles.

The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine website can be found here. This centre has been established in Oxford as the first of several, national centres whose aim is to promote evidence-based medicine and provide support and resources for anyone who wants to make use of them. This site includes lots of useful information about learning, teaching and doing EBM and includes lots of useful downloads such as critical appraisal tools and PowerPoint presentations.

The BestBETS website can be found here. BestBETS is a searchable database of evidence-based answers to real-life clinical questions. BETs bring the evidence one step closer to the bedside, by providing answers to very specific clinical problems, using the best available evidence.


“Out of a survey of 726 people, 60% claimed that information obtained from the library influenced patient care/treatment”