About Us

The STRIVE Academic Centre (formerly LRI) is based at The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough and forms part of South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  STRIVE brings together all of the Trusts learning, research, training development functions into one.

STRIVE has developed strengths and partnership with cutting edge organisations and stakeholders across the NHS, education and clinical industry landscapes.

STRIVE is recognised by ethical and professional bodies with the ability to lobby in support of the workforce, patients, carers and associated organisations and bodies who strive to continuously deliver above excellence services to patients, either in day to day care, in advancing the NHS landscape and/or through research to make clinical treatment based advances.

STRIVE is an organisation with a committed and professional membership by achieving professional recognition from its peers in relation to its research, development, learning and training functions.

STRIVE attracts internal income from external sources through marketing of services and as a multi- disciplinary team we are able to deliver:

  • Infrastructure to support a wide range of clinical research projects in line with a broad range of services provided
  • Collaboration and partnership with other organisations to provide education and training matched to their need through wide range services which are aimed at improving health and healthcare locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • A superior and accredited standard of training which is broad ranging and primarily focused at improving health care to the highest standard
  • A range of services that will enable the expansion of research, learning and education which includes events and conferences and library services and training centre facilities by creating efficiencies in current service provision
  • A collaborative partnership with local NHS Trusts to ensure a consistently high quality of Trust based staff and student education and vocational training
  • Innovative internal training, support and development programmes to enhance the capacity and capability of Trust staff at all levels and in all disciplines
  • An evidence base to support Trust level policy decisions to address our strategic intent

The ethos of STRIVE is collaboration. A visible and tangible commitment to working in partnership with other agencies involved in research of, training for and delivery of care for service users and practitioners will be at the forefront of what STRIVE promotes, supports and delivers.

Established partnerships with a wide range of local, regional, national and international organisations including primary and secondary care strategic partners, universities and other academic partners, pharmaceutical companies, private industry, voluntary sector, charitable sector and awarding bodies will be critical to success.

STRIVE will support and promote shared resources to help people save time, improve efficiency and outcomes.

By working in partnership STRIVE will:

  • Break down barriers and create opportunities for open and constructive communication between sectors and organisations
  • Advance research and jointly manage the ethical implications of research
  • Build a joint understanding of what we are trying to achieve for staff, service users and carers
  • Advance a broader agenda
  • Promote sustained and informed debate around research, learning and innovation
  • Foster inclusive public debate
  • Plan and prepare for the future NHS workforce

STRIVE is overseen by a steering group comprising of selected stakeholders. This group will be accountable and responsible for agreeing the direction and priorities and ensuring that research is validated by the Ethics Committee.

The group will meet on a quarterly basis and will be accountable to the Trust Board.

Performance of STRIVE will be monitored and evaluated against published business, research and academic plans and against budget savings and cost efficiencies realised.