Insights Discovery

Insights discovery is a diagnostic tool which helps to explore behavioural preferences as well as elements of working practice such as perceptions (from both self and a 360 approach). As well as exploring good and bad day behaviours relating to preference types.   

It allows individuals to understand a number of different working preferences as well as explore the frustrations that may be experienced from the perspective of others when working with them.   

By the end of this session you will gain an understanding of:

  • Perceptions 
  • Behavioural preferences and how these are demonstrated
  • Your colour preference in relation to behaviours
  • How to adapt and connect with other preferences more effectively
  • Improving team dynamics and interpersonal relationships

Insights is designed to support our staff in developing their personal awareness as well as helping to demonstrate that each of the behavioural preferences are important and bring their own unique contributions to a given task.   

Currently there are no events.