CHOIS Study:

Could you help with a COVID-19 research study?

Centre for Clinical Infection

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CHOIS is a study looking at potential long-term health problems and immune responses in NHS staff members that have recovered from COVID-19. This is such a new virus that we don’t know how the virus may affect people’s health in the longer term and whether long-term immunity is produced.

We are asking staff members to help with this study, whether or not they have had COVID-19 infection. If you have already had the swab or antibody (blood) test you could still help with the study regardless of the result.

If you agree to take part we will ask you to do several things. First, we’ll ask for a blood sample for antibody testing and storage. Second, we’ll ask you to fill in a survey about your general health and any symptoms you had if you had COVID-19. Third, we’ll ask you to fill in a similar but shorter survey every 6 months for 18 months to check on your general health. Finally, if you do develop any further illness, we’ll ask that you have another COVID-19 swab test and provide another blood sample via the Occupational Health department. If you prefer not to receive a personal (email) invitation to take part in this study, please telephone or email the research team using the contact details below.

If you are able to help with this study, please contact the research team either by:

• Telephone: internal ext. 58935

• Email:

• Booking an appointment to take part via:

As part of this study we will also be collecting information from the pathology system of staff members who have tested positive by swab or antibody (blood) test, to see if they are re-infected with the virus over time. This data would be collected by someone independent of the research team and would be fully anonymous. If you prefer this information not to be collected from your records, please call or email the research team using the links above. 

Further details of the study and what it involves can be found in the Participant Information Sheet below. If you decide to take part in the study, please read this information sheet before attending the research clinic.